• Colorful Kitchen Island

    Colorful Kitchen Island

    Project Overview: Island escapes are something we all dream about, but you can create your own island escape (and make your dreams come true) simply by adding color to your kitchen island.

  • Retro Stair Revamp

    Retro Stair Revamp

    We will be making our boring white stairs pop by painting them a retro avocado green while styling the entry into a cozy 70s inspired seating area

  • Bright Graphic Office Mural

    Bright Graphic Office Mural

    My colorful office had one big blank wall that was asking for a little… something. I used Frogtape and a handful of paint samples to bring this white wall to life!

  • How to Paint Sharp Lines on Textured and Uneven Surfaces

    How to Paint Sharp Lines on Textured and Uneven Surfaces

    Painting sharp lines on textured or uneven surfaces can be frustrating. Here are some tips to get the job done right.

  • One-Day Home DIY Projects

    One-Day Home DIY Projects

    Looking for a quick way to refresh your space? Try out one of these 5 home DIY projects that can be completed in one day.

  • 4 Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell in Today’s Market

    4 Tips for Preparing Your Home to Sell in Today’s Market

    Quick, easy DIY projects to give your space a facelift before listing.

  • Sunset Mural

    Sunset Mural

    Melissa Woods took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Bohemian Bazaar" to create this colorful mural. Using bright, bohemian colors, FrogTape® and a few paint rollers, Melissa, from Welcome to the Woods, made an amazing feature for a bedroom.

  • Garage Accent Wall Using FrogTape®

    Garage Accent Wall Using FrogTape®

    Christin Cieslarski took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Redrock Renewal" to create this unique design for an accent wall. Christin, from My Homier Home, decided to add an accent wall to her garage with a peaceful color palette as a reminder of the joy and natural beauty that can be created with the right tools, mindset and inspiration.

  • Moody Powder Room

    Moody Powder Room

    Taking a boring white bathroom into a moody powder room.

  • Geometric Wall Mural

    Geometric Wall Mural

    Sara Davis took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Midtown Modern" to refresh her home with a unique accent wall. Sara, from Sincerely, Sara D., painted the base coat in a high-gloss finish and created a design using FrogTape®. After painting over the wall with matte finish paint and removing the tape, Sara was left with a unique and gorgeous accent wall.

  • DIY Concrete Planters

    DIY Concrete Planters

    Ursula Carmona took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Nordic Nature" to craft these beautiful, modern DIY concrete planters. Ursula, from Home Made by Carmona, embraced the simple beauty of raw materials to create these modern pieces. They are easy to make in an afternoon, and can grace your vignette, coffee table or outdoor living areas with simple Scandinavian nature-inspired style.

  • A white hutch painted with blue, green, red and orange stripes.

    Plaid Patterned Hutch

    Big, bold and beautiful colors. See how KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms brought the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Shine" to life with this DIY patterned hutch.

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