• A white hutch painted with blue, green, red and orange stripes.

    Plaid Patterned Hutch

    Big, bold and beautiful colors. See how KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms brought the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Shine" to life with this DIY patterned hutch.

  • Floated bookshelves painted with a chevron pattern.

    Custom Nursery Bookshelves

    Christin, from the Homier Home, used the 2022 Design Trend "Embrace" to add extra coziness to the reading corner of her nursery with floating bookshelves and a warm, chevron pattern.

  • A cozy bedroom with floral wall paper and light walls.

    3 Tips for a Top-Notch Room Makeover

    Ashley and Jamin, from The Handmade Home, share their tips and tricks for using FrogTape to achieve a flawless room makeover.

  • Green heart mural painted on closet doors.

    Heart-Inspired Closet Makeover

    Haneen, from Haneen's Haven, put her artistic skills to the test with this colorful and carefree closet makeover, inspired by the 2022 Design Trend "Revive."

  • A table decorated with flowers and candles.

    DIY Candlelight Trays

    Ursula, from Homemade by Carmona, used the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Gather" to create decorative wooden trays that can be used as a table centerpiece.

  • A closet with a striped painted wall, a wooden cabinet and yellow lamp.

    Striped Closet Makeover

    Jewel Marlowe, from Jeweled Interiors, drew inspiration from the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Rise" to breathe new life into a basic closet with colorful paint and bold stripes.

  • DIY Ticking Stripe Wall

    DIY Ticking Stripe Wall

    Brooke from All Things Thrifty gave her master bedroom a makeover with this DIY Ticking Stripe Wall. Inspired by the 2021 Design Trend "Rest Easy."

  • Colorful Built-In Work Space

    Colorful Built-In Work Space

    KariAnn from Thistlewood Farms gave her built-in home office space a pop of color based off of the 2021 Design Trend, Work Hard.

  • DIY Painted Chess Set

    DIY Painted Chess Set

    Haneen from Haneen's Haven created this fun DIY chess set to showcase the 2021 Design Trend, Live Well.

  • Easy Outdoor Picnic Table

    Easy Outdoor Picnic Table

    Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home loved creating a simple outdoor picnic table for their family and friends, to celebrate the 2021 Design Trend, Eat Well.

  • Create Custom Patterned Corkboards

    Create Custom Patterned Corkboards

    Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home created this simple custom corkboard project based off of the 2021 Design Trend, Play Hard.

  • 2018 Paintover Challenge - The Handmade Home - After Bedroom Accent Wall

    Five Areas of Your Home You Never Thought to Paint

    Grab your brushes and get ready to reinvigorate your space

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