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Taniya Nayak

Design Trends by Taniya Nayak

Taniya Nayak


Rest Easy trend
Rest Easy trend
Rest Easy trend


Eat Well trend
Eat Well trend
Eat Well trend


Work Hard trend
Work Hard trend
Work Hard trend


Live Well trend
Live Well trend
Live Well trend


Play Hard trend
Play Hard trend
Play Hard trend

1. Rest Easy

Think about that peaceful, calming feeling you get while sipping your morning coffee and watching the rain from your window, listening to it tap against the roof. This trend is all about creating a space that provides peace of mind and offers sanctuary from daily stresses.

Characteristics: This trend embodies cozy layers, soothing colors, and tranquility to help establish a haven where you can retreat, rest, and ease your mind from uncertainty and anxiety. Perfect for a bedroom, meditation room, coffee nook or quiet corner.


  1. SW 7014 Eider White
  2. SW 6155 Rice Grain
  3. SW 6059 Interface Tan
  4. SW 6207 Retreat
  5. SW 7020 Black Fox

Designer Tip: Tape off the window frame and paint mullions a deep charcoal or black to frame the view for long, dreamy, thoughtful gazes to the world beyond. Other projects might include adding a reclaimed wood headboard or a ladder blanket holder to up the cozy factor.

2. Eat Well

Bon Appetit! Whether it’s dinner solo, a romantic evening for two or a get-together with friends, food is the common denominator that brings people together so it’s important to have a space that is inviting, no matter the occasion.

Characteristics: Embrace the stunning hues that nature brings to the table through fruits and vegetables like kale, tomatoes and vibrant peppers. Painting cabinets or displaying beautiful, fresh produce and other colorful touches will bring this happy and healthy aesthetic to life, creating a space that draws people in and makes everyone feel welcome. This trend works well not only in the kitchen, but also in dining rooms, breakfast nooks and outdoor dining areas, too!


  1. SW 6447 Evergreens
  2. SW 6159 High Tea
  3. SW 6607 Red Tomato
  4. SW 6381 Anjou Pear
  5. SW 6077 Everyday White

Designer Tip: Create a focal point in the kitchen by painting the island or cabinets a rich shade like forest green. To keep your kitchen or pantry organized for easy access while cooking or entertaining, use FrogTape® to tape off a section of jars and food storage containers, using chalkboard paint to create labels.

3. Work Hard

We all need a work-from-home space that not only encourages productivity but also ignites creativity, balances energy and calmness, and combines focus and forward-thinking. All it takes is a designated area, some organization and of course, a pop of style!

Characteristics: Whether you have a sprawling office or a small nook under a staircase, this trend is all about creating a space that keeps you alert and focused, and makes you excited to “go into work.” Strive for a design that will be easy to keep organized and allows you to establish boundaries between work and play, even if both happen at home. Combine neutral tones that help maintain focus with a small punch of color to keep you alert throughout the day.


  1. SW 6252 Ice Cube
  2. SW 6261 Swanky Gray
  3. SW 6220 Interesting Aqua
  4. SW 6867 Fireworks
  5. SW 6258 Tricorn Black

Designer Tip: When working from home, we tend to face one wall all day long. Paint that wall an accent color, using FrogTape® to protect the trim, ceiling and adjoining walls, to give yourself some energy. Other projects include a painted chalkboard wall to jot down notes and reminders and adding floating shelves to keep you organized.

4. Live Well

This trend embodies all of the activities that enhance our lives and make us whole – spending time with family, reading a good book, listening to music, watching your favorite show or playing a board game. Create a space that works for all these meaningful, happy moments.

Characteristics: Embrace texture – think knit throw blankets, worn leather sofas and knobby rugs. Find surprisingly subtle areas to create a focal point, like inside the fireplace, on the back wall of a bookshelf or a textured wall application. For a color palette, consider those that exude comfort and familiarity like deep navy, light blues and greys, and a touch of cognac. This trend works well anywhere in the home, but especially in the family or living room, basement, reading nook, enclosed porch or game room.


  1. SW 6247 Krypton
  2. SW 7017 Dorian Gray
  3. SW 6356 Copper Mountain
  4. SW 7068 Grizzle Gray
  5. SW 6244 Naval

Designer Tip: Use painter’s tape to tape off the sides of a bookshelf and paint the back wall a contrasting hue. Or tape a unique pattern like stripes or crosses onto a durable, low-profile rug (like jute) and hand-paint it for a one-of-a-kind, custom look.

5. Play Hard

All work and no play is no way to live! Whether it’s having an after-work cocktail with friends, completing a virtual workout, playing with your pet or running through the sprinkler, it’s important to designate a place of play that allows for these happy activities at home.

Characteristics: This trend consists of bright and cheerful hues, playful accessories and bright textiles. Vivid greens, pinks and blues, inspired by the outdoors, fruity drinks and blue skies, evoke emotions of joy and release happy endorphins. These elements create a sense of fun and a design that doesn’t take itself too seriously, whether you’re in the playroom, in the backyard or on the patio.


  1. SW 6718 Overt Green
  2. SW 6958 Pulsating Blue
  3. SW 6286 Mature Grape
  4. SW 6592 Grenadine
  5. SW 6525 Rarified Air

Designer Tip: Give your deck a refresh with hand-painted planters. Use FrogTape® to tape off a pattern or design, and don’t be afraid to go bold with the colors. Or paint a geometric pattern on an accent wall in the playroom or basement to add an element of cheerfulness. Other projects could include painting flower pots, giving a fence a facelift or stringing garden lights.