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A white vase with flowers, a stack of three books with a black pumpkin on top, BOO Blocks, a stack of two books with a black lantern on top, and on the wall in the center a piece of artwork with a skull in the center


Halloween Boo Blocks

These wooden BOO blocks are a great addition to your Halloween themed vignette or mantel.

Pulling painter's tape from striped wall


How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Want to make a bold, unique statement? Stripes that go up-and-down make a room with low-ceilings look taller, where horizontal stripes give a smaller room a more spacious feel. And remember, the thinner the strips, the busier the pattern, too.

DIY painter rolling roller in tray of paint


How to Choose the Right Rollers and Brushes

Painting a room isn’t just about the quality of paint, but what tools you use. By investing in the right brushes and rollers, you can get the job done faster and with higher-quality coverage and a better finish.