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Green heart mural on closet


Heart-Inspired Closet Makeover

Haneen, from Haneen's Haven, put her artistic skills to the test with this colorful and carefree closet makeover. This project is all about being fun and festive, so we think hand-drawn hearts on a closet door are perfect!

a bedroom with a flower mural behind the headboard of the bed


3 Tips For A Top-Notch Room Makeover

Ashley and Jamin revealed an eclectic room makeover that brings several different design elements to life. And to get there, they relied on one simple design staple — FrogTape® Painter's Tape. See their top three tips for using FrogTape on this room makeover that features soft textures, warm palettes and cozy layers below.

Trendy living room space with black walls, four white chairs, and a dark leather couch with cold colored coffee tables in the middle. The back wall has two book shelves, one on the right and one on the left side of the couch. On the wall in-between is a pint of lips and there is a small bar in front of two windows on the back right wall


One-Day Home DIY Project

Looking for a quick way to refresh your space? Try out one of these 5 home DIY projects that can be completed in one day.

A white vase with flowers, a stack of three books with a black pumpkin on top, BOO Blocks, a stack of two books with a black lantern on top, and on the wall in the center a piece of artwork with a skull in the center


Halloween Boo Blocks

These wooden BOO blocks are a great addition to your Halloween themed vignette or mantel.