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DIY Concrete Planters

Ursula, from Home Made by Carmona, to craft these beautiful, modern DIY concrete planters.

Finished shot of concrete planters painted diagonally with gold and white paint

Supplies Needed

  • Close up shot of hands spray painting 3 small black planters with tape placed


    To get started on your DIY planter, cover the holes on the bottom of the nursery pots using FrogTape®. Then, spray vegetable oil on the inside of the larger pots and the outside of the smaller ones.

  • Close up shot of scientist pouring water into solvent container


    To start your concrete, use a strainer to sift the dry concrete into a disposable bucket or container. Be sure to crush the bigger pieces through the strainer, you want only a fine powder left behind. This is a very important step for a smooth finish. Slowly mix water into the sifted concrete mix until it is a thick, creamy consistency that pours slowly.

  • Black patterns with two pieces of tape placed over top of planter forming an X

    Pouring The Planter Part 2

    Pour concrete to fill about one-third of the larger nursery pot, then press the smaller one into the center of the larger one. Fill in the sides with concrete, and pound the pots onto the surface to compact and level the concrete. Add more as necessary, again pounding the pot onto a surface, until it is level and full.

    Sometimes the smaller pot will try to float up. Place a couple strips of FrogTape along the top of the two pots and down the sides or adhered to the table. This helps secure it in place.

  • Close up shot of someone spray painting planters with tape diagonally placed


    Allow the concrete to dry for the time listed for your chosen concrete mix. Then, slowly wiggle out the smaller pot and peel the plastic from the larger pot off.

    Using FrogTape, create your own unique design, and spray paint the color of your choice.

    While the paint is still wet, peel off the tape, and enjoy your beautiful handiwork of these concrete planters!

Close up shot of decorative, finished planters with succulants

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