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Wainscot Just a Minute

When you walk into a room and everything just feels right but you can’t quite put your finger on why... just take a closer look. The thoughtful emphasis put into a space that makes the room come together so effortlessly IS the magic. A painted wainscot has just that effect. It’s a bold — or subtle — dose of color introduced into a space at a certain height without overwhelming the room. And it's a unique way to unify an open floor plan. You can even paint your trim in the matching color. The sky is the limit! You’ll have everyone wondering what that special magic touch is in your home that makes it feel so cohesive and effortless. Tell them to pull up a chair and keep on guessing!

Bong Bain

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Project: Moody Powder Room

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To create a wainscot with a modern twist, Bong Bain, from Wild Hearts Home, uses a few MDF boards, FrogTape and a bold paint color which results in a subtle yet unique upgrade to her bathroom.

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