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Design Trends 2024

Wainscot Just a Minute

Trend Characteristics:   Unifying   Subtle   Rhythmic   Classic with a modern twist

Bedroom with calming purple wall. Bed with White sheets, pillows, and headboard. Nightstand with lamp, succulent, and vase with flowers.

When you walk into a room and everything just feels right but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is exactly…just take a closer look.

The thoughtful emphasis put into a space that makes the room come together so effortlessly IS the magic. A painted wainscot has just that effect. It’s a bold (or subtle) dose of color implemented into a space at a certain height without overwhelming the room. It is a unique way to unify an open floorplan. You can even tie this in with painting your trim in the matching color. The sky is the limit!

You’ll have everyone walking in and wondering what that special magic touch is in your home that makes it feel so cohesive and effortless. Tell them to pull up a chair and keep them guessing!

Headshot of Bong Bain

Project Trend Highlight

See how Bong Bain reimagines this trend

Wainscot Just a Minute Palette

  • Faux wainscotting bedroom - painted with purple on bottom and white on top
    • Clare
    • Valspar 4009-7
      Indigo Cloth
    • Valspar 300810C
      Cozy White
    • Valspar 4002-3А
      Gentle Violet
    • Benjamin Moore
      Tangy Orange
    • Sherwin-Williams 7013
      Ivory Lace
    • Sherwin-Williams 6990
    • Sherwin-Williams 9152
      Let it Rain
  • Wainscotting Bathroom - Green chair rail on botton and wallpaper on top
    • Valspar 1006-9C
      Southern Road
    • Behr 73
      Off White
    • Behr S430-4
      Green Meets Blue
    • Behr AE-24
      Barn Brown
  • Finished space of faux wainscott - bright green bottom and white top in a nursery
    • Benjamin Moore 2146-10
      Dark Celery
    • Benjamin Moore OC-17
      White Dove
    • Benjamin Moore 831
      Stratford Blue
    • Benjamin Moore 287
      French Quarter


Project: Moody Powder Room

Headshot of Bong Bain

Bong Bain

To create a wainscot with a modern twist, Bong Bain, from Wild Hearts Home, uses a few MDF boards, FrogTape and a bold paint color which results in a subtle yet unique upgrade to her bathroom.

View the Moody Powder Room project

  • Benjamin Moore
    Tangy Orange
  • Sherwin-Williams 7013
    Ivory Lace
  • Sherwin-Williams 6990
  • Sherwin-Williams 9152
    Let it Rain

Design Tips

  • Wainscot Height

    Your wainscot height can be what ever height you’d like it to be. Traditionally it is around 36” but you can take that up to 60” or as low as 24” – your call, your wall.

  • Leveling Tip

    Adding a wainscot or a chair rail does not necessarily require a professional to install it. Simply tape a line across the wall at your desired height. Then, use a laser measure to make sure the line is level around the entire room. You can also add wainscot to one wall as an accent, like behind your bed.

  • Color Tie-in

    An easy way to tie in the colors of your freshly painted wainscot is to pull a color from an inspiration piece in the room. A color from a throw pillow, a piece of art or from a wall covering. After all, it's only paint and can easily be changed out when your design style changes.