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Design Trends 2024


Trend Characteristics:   Unique   Whimsey   Accent   Personal   One-of-a-Kind

Mural wall - fox's tail with bold colors in triangular mountain background

If walls could talk, what would yours say about you and your personal style? 

It doesn’t always take a full-fledged artist to create a masterpiece. Let your inner artist out and create a one-of-a-kind mural that is uniquely you. Be fluid and free or methodical and mapped out... the wall is yours!

Charlotte Smith

Project Trend Highlight

See how Charlotte Smith reimagines this trend

Murality Color Palette

  • Mural wall - fox's tail with bold colors in triangular mountain background
    • Valspar 2010-2
      Island Orange
    • Sherwin-Williams 5011-8
      Toadstool Teal
    • Valspar 7006-24
      Ultra White
  • Mural wall in dining room space - white wall with black thin stripes placed in modern geometric pattern
    • Sherwin-Williams 9020
      Rayo De Sol
    • Sherwin-Williams 6141
      Softer Tan
    • Sherwin-Williams 6258
      Tricorn Black
  • Living room striped wall - blue and white
    • Benjamin Moore 2065
      Dark Royal Blue
    • Benjamin Moore OC-65
      Chantilly Lace
    • Benjamin Moore 1265
      Deep Mauve
  • Mural wall - Red wall with gold stripes placed diagonally
    • Bridget E12
      Beari Colors Fritzy Ditzy
    • Benjamin Moore 2066-70
      Light Blue
    • Benjamin Moore 2037-30
      Kelly Green


Project: Bright Graphic Office Mural

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

By channeling her inner artist, some FrogTape and a handful of colorful paint samples Charlotte, from At Charlotte's House, brought a dull office wall to life cultivating creativity and uniqueness in her space.

View the Bright Graphic Office Mural project

Design Tips

  • Plan and Practice

    Sketch out a design or search for inspiration online before tackling your full size mural. It's always good to have a sample board on hand to practice your painting skills before taking it to the wall, especially if you're a newbie!

  • Start Fresh

    Always remember, if you don't love it the first time... don't sweat it. You can simply paint right over it and start again! Blank slate!

  • Plan, Measure, and Project

    Use a tape measure, painter's tape, and a pencil or chalk to plan your mural out on the wall. This is great for stripes or plaid patterns. You can also easily "project" an image directly to your wall and trace it out if it's more detailed.

  • Break Boundaries

    It's totally ok to paint outside the lines! Allow your mural to carry on to the ceiling or over to the adjoining walls.