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Design Trends 2024

Color Splash

Trend Characteristics:   Vibrant    Pop    Contrast   Unexpected   Tone-on-Tone

Interior orange painted door peaking into casual, bohemian sitting room

It’s always best to expect the unexpected. Or perhaps it’s just more fun?! 

Painting a door or your trim in an unexpected color will elevate your space in ways that no one would dare dream of. It is the most simple of ways to completely re-energize your room, in the blink of an eye! What makes it even better? It’s also affordable! Grab a roll of FrogTape® for crisp clean lines, your most favorite bold paint color and get painting.

Renovation Husbands Headshots

Project Trend Highlight

See how Renovation Husbands reimagines this trend.

Color Splash Color Palette

  • Interior orange painted door peaking into casual, bohemian sitting room
    • Benjamin Moore 041
      Spoonful of Sugar
    • Sherwin-Williams 6204
      Sea Salt

    Recommended Product

  • Birght yellow exterior door with white trim and charcoal house exterior
    • Behr S-G-390
      Lemon Zest
    • Behr N500-6
      Graphic Charcoal

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  • Bold blue painted steps with a kitty sitting on top, and faux wallpaper on walls
    • Benjamin Moore 2065-30
      Brilliant Blue
    • Benjamin Moore 2123-40
      Gossamer Blue
  • Dark green trim around windows in large eat-in kitchen
    • Benjamin Moore 2047-10
      Forest Green
    • Farrow & Ball 0273


Project: Retro Stair Revamp

Renovation Husbands Headshots

Renovation Husbands

Stephen and David St. Russell, from Renovation Husbands, reenergized their entryway staircase with this simple yet transformative painting project by using a vibrant color in an unexpected space.

View the Retro Stair Revamp project

Design Tips

  • Dual-Tone Doors

    Don't be afraid to paint one side of the door a different color than the other side!

  • The rule of three

    If you're painting an exterior door a bold statement color, keep in mind the rule of 3—a house color, a trim color, and a door color!

  • Consistent Color Flow

    If you paint the door a different color than the trim, keep the trim the same color as the baseboard that it is attached to. It will help keep the flow of the room consistent. Or to simplify, paint the door, trim, and baseboard all the same color. Don't be afraid to have fun with it... I promise, you won't regret it!