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  • Professional Results

  • Tape University®

  • Performance you can be proud of

    When it comes to challenging industrial environments, you need a tape that gets the job done right the first time, especially as failure and rework costs valuable time and money. From clean lines and conformability to durability and versatility, FrogTape delivers performance you can be proud of.

    Man using FrogTape 250 Light Blue Performance Masking Tape to tape off a boat.
  • Leading Online Learning Resource for All Things Tape

    We're committed to building the best learning experience by providing a comprehensive place to learn about past, present and future trends in the industrial markets.

    Performance Masking Tape: FrogTape 325 Pink Performance Masking Tape, FrogTape 250 Light Blue Performance Masking Tape, and FrogTape 225 Gold Performance Masking Tape

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