Confetti Wall

Liven up your wall a bit by making one of the easiest accent walls ever – a confetti wall.

Needed Materials

Follow Along To Do the Project

  • Since I was going with a much lighter color on the wall, I first needed to prime the entire wall. Using the wider width of FrogTape® Multi-Surface, tape off your edges and trim, then prime.

  • Using a small foam roller, roll on random strips of your “confetti” color. I opted to do gold.

  • Place strips of the smaller width of FrogTape® Multi-Surface onto the confetti color.

  • Use a credit card or something similar to burnish the edges of the tape.

  • Paint your desired wall color over the entire wall.

  • After your final coat of paint, remove the FrogTape® Multi-Surface, while the paint is still wet.