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Expanding our “pod” because we can and we missed you. Invite guests over for an outdoor picnic & bonfire in the backyard or on the beach. Join a club with others doing something you feel passionate about. Go to an actual gym or spin class, eat out at your favorite restaurant. We are all eager to be out and about and to socialize again. Oh hey you... I almost forgot what you looked like! Great to see you!

Ursula Carmona

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Group of people gathering for a meal

Color Palette - Tap Swatch for Details

Project: DIY Candlelight Trays

A table decorated with flowers and candles.

Ursula, from Homemade by Carmona, used the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Gather" to create decorative wooden trays that can be used as a table centerpiece. She used warm tones and pillar candles to add extra coziness and highlight this trend that encourages us all to come together.

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