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At the end of the day, do you feel rich from within? It’s a feeling that no money can buy. Having a hearty approach to life that ends each day with gratitude. Create a space that that is rich in color, texture and glam.

Outdoor space Makeover

Saudah Saleem

Saudah Saleem


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Saudah is an award-winning, nationally published interior designer with exquisite design taste and an eye for style. Inspired by her love of fashion, culture, art, and history, Saudah creates beautifully curated, vibrant spaces. As a mom of 5, Saudah’s become quite a pro at creating spaces that are not only stylish but are also durable and functional. Her work infuses a mix of classic and eclectic design elements to create an aesthetic that is both sophisticated yet approachable. Saudah’s passion is helping clients refresh, re-imagine and fall in love with their living spaces.

Design Planning

Deck before design work begins
Deck before design work begins

Room Prep

Frogtape rolls on carpet
Taping off the carpet
painting the carpet
Removing tape from the carpet

Final Transformation

Final deck transformation
Final deck transformation
Final deck transformation
Final deck transformation

Redesign Video




Create a luxe outdoor space perfect for curling up with a good book, relaxing, watch the stars, family time or a little al fresco dining.


Now more than ever, having an outdoor space (whether it’s a back deck, roof top, patio or balcony) is a hot commodity. With vacation plans and excursions cancelled due to Covid, I decided to make the most of our outdoor space and escape the monotony of staying home every day, by creating an outdoor oasis in my own backyard. What better time than now to create a retreat space at home! With a little ingenuity and some help from Frog Tape, the space turned out perfectly! The focal point and foundation of the fabulously dreamy getaway space is the turf rug I customized using Frog Tape.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Designers often talk about bringing the “outdoors in,” meaning incorporating outdoor elements in your home’s design and décor. With this project, I did the reverse by bringing some of the comfort and drama of design elements traditionally used indoors outside to the deck. Incorporating texture and pattern with the custom turf rug, cushioned seating with layered comfy pillows, mixed metals, elegant drapery, contrasting black and white patterns with vibrant yellow accents created an outdoor room that’s inviting while also evoking a sense of luxury, glamour and a bit of edge… the perfect escape without leaving home. I’m really excited the dramatic transformation of the space and can’t wait to start using it!


  • Gather your supplies. You’ll need Frog Tape .75" Multi Surface, a tape measure, chalk, level, paint brush, Frog Tape Drop Cloth Pad and indoor/outdoor semi-gloss paint in contrasting colors (I chose black and white).
  • Make a small mark on your rug every 15 inches with chalk. Using this mark, your level and a straight edge, apply the frog tape horizontally across the rug at the 15 inch intervals. Double check to make sure the tape lines are evenly spaces apart.
  • Cut 15 inch strips of Frog Tape and apply them vertical (spaced 20 inches apart) between the horizontal taped lines to create squares. Use your level to makes sure your tape lines are straight.
  • To create the triangles shapes you see in the final look, apply another strip of tape at a 65 degree angle in each of the square areas created, dividing the square in half. Reposition the tape as needed. Repeat these steps for each set of triangles you want to create.
  • Step back as you go along to make sure that the overall composition and placement of the squares is to your liking. Once you’re happy with the placement, you’re ready to move on to painting.
  • Place Frog Tape Drop Pads under the perimeter of the turf to ensure unwanted paint does not get on deck or floor surface.
  • Ok, now you’re ready to paint! Using minimal paint on your brush, begin painting each square by running the paint brush along the inner edge of the tape. This will help leave a crisp line on the exterior of your triangles one the tape is removed. After you’ve painted the perimeter of the triangle, fill in the remaining area of the triangle using your paintbrush and paint. To achieve the contrasting triangles, I painted one side of the square black and the other half of the square white. Repeat these steps for each set of taped off squares. Recoat as necessary.
  • Remove the tape once the last coat has been applied. Removing tape and revealing those crisp lines is the most fun and gratifying part of every paint project. It’s that moment when your vision becomes a reality. Enjoy your new custom turf rug!

*COOL FACTOR… The adhesion of the Frog Tape is absolutely AMAZING. With all the texture of the turf, I still was able to achieve straight lines and no paint seeped through! Stellar product performance!

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