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Why FrogTape?


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  • Painter's Tapes

  • Exclusive Technology

  • Get Inspired

  • Bring your big ideas to life

    You dream it up and we’ll help bring it to life. With tapes designed to tackle any project, FrogTape® delivers super sharp paint lines and professional results, right at home.

    Couple looking at their freshly painted green dining room.
  • Sharp paint lines, sooner

    FrogTape painter's tapes feature a high-performance adhesive that instantly sticks to your surface. So, you can start painting right away.

    Green FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape and Yellow FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter's Tape on a round wooden table
  • Find Out How

    From inspirational projects to step-by-step tutorials, find out how to tackle your next big painting project with help from our painting tape experts.

    A woman marking with a pencil on closet doors

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Pulling painter's tape from striped wall


How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

Want to make a bold, unique statement? Stripes that go up-and-down make a room with low-ceilings look taller, where horizontal stripes give a smaller room a more spacious feel. And remember, the thinner the strips, the busier the pattern, too.