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Design Trend No.

Brittany Norman



Before Main Wall
Before Arch Wall
Before Wall 3
Before image 4, Window

In Progress

Taping off wall with Frogtape
Partially painted wall
Partially painted picture frame with yellow Frogtape
Pillowcase with green Frogtape applied to it's bottom

Final Transformation

Brittany Norman sitting on a couch holding rolls of Frog Tape
Main wall of living room, painted white
Living room arch wall, painted white
Living room wall and ceiling
Living room window with wicker chair and white walls
A dark grey console with television on top of it.
Hand painted white frame
Hand painted grey and white pillow on couch.


We all need a place where we can hang our hat, grab a book and cozy up on the couch to relax and unwind. After such a challenging year, the design trend I chose for the Paintover Challenge was Rest Easy and the room I chose to make over was our Den, formerly known as the “Green Room” because of a velvet green sofa, but is now affectionately referred to as “The Zen Den”.

Thanks to FrogTape’s exclusive PaintBlock® Technology, where a polymer in the tape reacts with water in the latex paint to create a sealed barrier, all of my paint projects resulted in clean, crisp lines every time. Here are some simple tips and tutorials that I implemented in my room makeover that you can try at home:

  • For the walls, I wanted to get rid of the grey paint color and add picture frame molding to the main wall so to lighten up the space without making it feel cold, I went with Sherwin Williams creamy white color, Snowbound. To create the molding, I measured and cut multiple pieces of trim at 45-degree angles.

    • TIP: Use FrogTape to design your picture frame molding layout and hold everything in place before nailing to the wall. This is a great way to visualize your design and correct any errors before permanently attaching the trim.

  • Once the trim is attached to your walls, fill in any nail holes or problem areas with joint compound and then apply caulk to the seams where the trim meets the wall. I also chose to close in the rectangle openings in my walls to focus on the arch and create a more homey feeling.

    • TIP: Although it involves a little prep work, applying FrogTape prior to caulking will ensure super crisp caulk lines and easy cleanup.

  • Once the joint compound and caulk has dried, it’s time to tape off your crown and base molding and paint your walls.

  • Our vintage mid-century modern dresser was looking a little rough, so I polished the brass hardware after soaking in a vinegar mixture, then scrubbed the grime away to reveal a lovely patina. To contrast with the brass, I painted the dresser a gorgeous green/grey/brown color called Urbane Bronze, which just so happens to be the Sherwin Williams Color of the Year for 2021.

    • TIP: To avoid lugging a heavy piece of antique furniture outside to paint it, apply tape around the furniture feet and surrounding areas, as well as drop cloth and then paint in place. I recommend using FrogTape’s Yellow Delicate Surface Tape when working with flooring or freshly painted walls.

  • Now that the walls and furniture have been painted, it’s time to decorate. Here are two simple projects you can try at home.


  • Use FrogTape to create a pattern on a blank pillow cover. I went with a simple crisscross design using two different colors and two different tape widths. Remember to remove the tape while the paint is still wet for best results. Some other pattern ideas include Gingham/Buffalo Plaid, Colorblock, Herringbone, Geometric Shapes, Ticking Stripe, etc.


  • Create a border on a blank canvas by applying FrogTape to the outside edges. Then, use a putty knife to smear joint compound onto the canvas. The joint compound I used goes on pink and dries white, but you can make any color you want by adding a few drops of paint.

  • Let the joint compound dry according to package instructions. Then, add FrogTape again and apply dark paint directly to the textured canvas. Finally, add a few dabs of glue and apply gold leaf paper. Let dry, then brush off remaining gold leaf and frame your masterpiece.

Our “Zen Den” is now complete and I can’t wait to spend many lazy days here with the family. Thank you, FrogTape!

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