Heart-Inspired Closet Makeover


Haneen, from Haneen's Haven, put her artistic skills to the test with this colorful and carefree closet makeover, inspired by the 2022 Design Trend "Revive." This trend is all about being fun and festive, so we think hand-drawn hearts on a closet door are perfect!

Supplies Needed

Green heart mural painted on closet doors.

Step 1

To get started Haneen used a pencil to draw the hearts on the closet, by hand, beginning in the center.

Haneen sketching the outline of a large heart on closet doors.

Step 2

She used FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter's Tape to get sharp edges on the "V" portions of the hearts, by taping off just those areas. This also allowed her to revise any curved areas that were freehanded. For the hearts she already painted, Haneen used Delicate Surface FrogTape® , which is great to use on paint that is dry to the touch.

Frog Tape outlining a painted heart

Wrapping Up

Next, peel away the tape to reveal sharp lines. Then, clean up crevices and other hand-drawn areas with a small brush. Enjoy!

View the Full Tutorial

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