Geometric Wall

Create a geometric shape pattern on your wall using FrogTape® Painter's Tape

Needed Materials

Follow Along To Do the Project

  • Begin by taping off the entire wall with FrogTape® Multi-Surface . In this step you will want to tape off and protect anything that you do not want to get paint on, such as trim, electrical outlets, and air vents. You will also want to go ahead and tape off the geometric designs that you can start with. Use a squeegee to go over and completely smooth down every single tape line. This is a really important step to insure that the tape can adhere properly and smoothly.

  • Once the wall is completely taped off and ready for paint, begin applying your first color. I really love this jade green color, but I was a bit mad at myself for choosing it after realizing it would need three coats of paint! (shawew!) Never fear though, because as the first coat of green is drying, you can begin painting the second taped off section, which in this case is the black.

  • I fill my FrogTape container with a little bit of water. With a wet finger, smooth the caulk. I work from left to right and since this is a small space, I worked in an entire section (about 4-5 ft. at most). You’ll have a lot of excess (have the paper towels handy).

  • Continue applying paint to each section (with ample drying time in between each coat) until you feel like the coverage is nice and smooth. Immediately remove the FrogTape® Multi-Surface once the final coat of paint has been applied.


    When the first two sections of paint are dry (the green and the black) apply FrogTape® Delicate-Surface over the previously painted green and black lines to begin painting the final section. The green and black lines are dry, and have been dry for an hour or so, but using the delicate surface tape ensures that your lines will stay protected and nice and crisp.

  • Apply the pink paint to the final taped off section. Remove any and all FrogTape that needs to be removed once the final coat of paint has been applied.