Easy Outdoor Picnic Table

Ashley and Jamin from The Handmade Home loved creating a simple outdoor picnic table for their family and friends, to celebrate the 2021 Design Trend, Eat Well. This is an easy piece that will transition nicely through all the months, no matter where you use it.


Ashley and Jamin first created a fun pattern by marking the center point of the table, and pulling tape lines from there. They used a simple leapfrog technique to keep the lines even.


Next, they pulled the tape for an every other line kind of pattern, so they would know where to paint. Don't worry about mistakes, they make the pattern more fun.


Then, paint away! Add in fun colors and stunning hues to celebrate eating well. The most rewarding part? Seeing those perfect lines when you pull the rest of the tape away.


Wrapping Up

Add the legs, and celebrate! Simply flip the table over, add the hairpin legs and enjoy your new outdoor picnic table.

Want to see more? Take a look at the full project tutorial for helpful tips and tricks.