Dramatic Bathroom Makeover


Haneen tapped into the 2020 FrogTape® Design Trends to transform her powder room with a rich paint color and dramatic wallpaper. See how Haneen brought her vision to life and get inspired to transform your own space.

Supplies Needed

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Since the design inspiration for the bathroom remodel started with wallpaper, choosing a paint color came second. So, Haneen used FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape to protect the edges of the already-installed wallpaper. FrogTape Delicate Surface is specifically designed to work on surfaces like wallpaper, fresh paint or finished wood and removes cleanly for 60 days.

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Apply a few coats of paint to your surface until you reach the desired color. To achieve custom colors like Haneen, mix and match paints in a similar color family. 

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Remove the tape when the paint is still wet instead of waiting for the paint to fully dry. This prevents paint from pulling or tearing and ensures sharp lines. Pro Tip - It's best to peel the tape at a 45 degree angle.

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Accessorize with unique artwork and a statement vanity to complete the project.

Check out the full tutorial for all of the powder room makeover details.

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