Colorful Built-In Work Space

KariAnn from Thistlewood Farms gave her built-in home office space a pop of color based off of the 2021 Design Trend, Work Hard. This colorful and customizable project can make any work or study space a place to feel focused and inspired.


First, if needed, add a few shelves to the built-in area. Then, prime and paint the interior of the built-in.


Next, create a pattern for stripes that would work with the space. Make it your own!


Then, measure out the space with a pencil. Be sure to mark each stripe with the chosen paint color and tape off with FrogTape® Painter's Tape.


Now, paint the stripes with the chosen paint colors and peel off the painter's tape once dried for super sharp paint lines.


Wrapping Up

Finally, repeat the steps with a built desk and add décor!