Bright Graphic Office Mural

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith took inspiration from 2024 Design Trend "Murality" to create a one-of-a-kind colorful accent wall in her home office.

By channeling her inner artist, some FrogTape and a handful of colorful paint samples Charlotte, from At Charlotte's House, brought a dull office wall to life cultivating creativity and uniqueness in her space.

Supplies Needed

Colorful Graphic Mural Full 9

Plan out your space.

Because I was working with a grid, I took some time to determine the measurements of each square and which colors would go where.

Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full

Tape off the lines with green Frogtape.

With the help of a laser level tape off every OTHER horizontal stripe. With the help of the laser level, tape off every other vertical stripe.

Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full 2

Paint The First Taped Off Squares.

For this step, I referred to the grid I had made in Step 1 to help me with all the various colors. I mixed some of the white wall color in with each of the sample pots to give me more color options.

With smaller brushes, paint the taped off squares being careful not to overload your brush and to paint away from the tape edges. Some colors will require a second coat of paint for solid coverage. Let the paint dry.

Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full 3

Peel Tape.

Start peeling tape at a 45 degree angle.

Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full 5

Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Continue taping off the remaining squares and use FrogTape® Delicate Surface for newly painted surfaces.

Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full 6

Tape off patterns with yellow tape on scattered squares.

  • Tape Off Patterns.
  • Examples include: diagonal tape lines, stripes, semi-circles, circles, grids, triangles, etc. Paint over taped off patterned squares.
Colorful Graphic Mural Process Full 7
Colorful Graphic Mural Full 5