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FrogTape® Pro Testimonial: Shriver Fine Finishes

FrogTape® Pro Testimonial: Nick Lauro Painting

  • In the painting business you look for speed and accuracy. FrogTape® has the accuracy I need to do my job. When I go to the paint store for tape, I look for FrogTape. It has th…

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  • We use classic green FrogTape® for all of our exterior window masking. We used to use a cheaper 5-day release tape, but with our hot summer days, the 5-day product would break…

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  • We recently worked on a home built in the 1970s. There were a lot of window frames, door frames and beams along the ceilings.  We used FrogTape® to mask off all of the wood tr…

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  • We made the switch to FrogTape® about two years ago. The lines are so much better. The blue tape caused some bleeding. FrogTape® on the other hand gave a really strong and cri…

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  • I love FrogTape®. It works so much better than blue painter’s tape. It creates crisp lines and holds up longer. I spend the extra money to get FrogTape® because it saves me so…

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  • On one job, a new guy switched tape. No one noticed — until it was time to peel it off. The house looked great where we used FrogTape®. In the two rooms where we switched tape…

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  • Frog Tape stands out as a leading product in the field. Whether I’m working on a precision faux finish, or masking a doorway, the versatility and ability to adhere to a wide r…

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Sharp lines and proper coverage are an important part of the job. But the tasks beyond the paintwork—customer service, estimating, hiring, advertising your services and more—are also an important part of making your business thrive long-term. Our Pro Business Tips article series offers you useful industry insights and best practices to help you make the most out of your work, with or without a brush in your hand.

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How-To Videos

Watch veteran painters Jason Harman and Alex Morales from Two Dudes Painting in Lancaster, PA, guide you through these helpful jobsite video tips.

How to Repair Common Drywall Issues

We all know how important it is patch and prep walls before painting to get the desired results with the finished product. Watch this video for ways to repair four common drywall issues on the job, from nail pops to cracks to larger holes.


Green or Yellow: Which FrogTape® to Choose

When it comes to FrogTape, you have Green or you have Yellow. Both are great tapes. But what’s the difference? Find out the basics and benefits of each, and what types of surfaces they’re best suited for.



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What's the right tape for your job?

Adhesion Level medium light
Removal time 60 days 21 days
Cured paint: dried in 3 days minimum    
Fresh paint: dried in 24 hours minimum    
Unfinished wood    
Finished wood: polyurethane, stain    
Metal / glass    
Sheetrock, primed only    
Carpet / stone    
Veneer / laminate / vinyl    
Hard-to-stick surfaces    
Wallpaper / decorative painting    
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