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Fresh Foyer Update with Faux Wallpaper & Wainscot

In this DIY painting project, Haley, from Just Haley Homes, added a bold-painted wainscot and some faux wallpaper to give her home's foyer a fresh look.

Check out her step-by-step of the project below!

Striped Foyer with Door and Plant on small round wooden table

Supplies Needed

  • Haley Poole standing in foyer prepping for painting

    Clean the Space

    Before starting my wainscot and faux wallpaper, I picked up the space and wiped everything down. Once the room was ready to work in, I removed the box molding and patched it with joint compound.

  • Haley Poole Prepping and Priming a wall

    Prep & Prime the Walls

    I prepped the walls by patching any holes and sanding lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. I then primed any areas that were patched with joint compound and painted the ceiling.

    Pro Tip: If you plan to pull painter's tape off of any areas that have been patched by joint compound, I recommend using a sealer before putting primer on.

  • Haley Poole Taping vertical stripes on a wall with yellow FrogTape Delicate Surface Painters Tape

    Tape It Off

    I let the primer dry for a few days before I used a laser level to tape off the wainscot and stripes for the faux wallpaper. When applying FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape, start by sticking the beginning section to the wall about 6 to 8 in., then pull down until you reach the top of the wainscot while ensuring it lines up with the laser.

  • Haley Poole Painting a wall with a roller

    Paint the Accents

    Once the tape for the stripes was on the wall, I painted a very light coat of the base paint color, to seal the tape, and then quickly put on 2 coats of the stripes color. I recommend working in small sections and pulling the tape while it’s still wet. 

  • Haley Poole Building Wainscotting on a wall

    Build the Wainscotting

    Once the tape for the stripes was pulled off, I started working on the wainscotting.

  • Foyer area with staircase railing. The walls are striped with wainscotting at the bottom

    Final Touches

    To wrap up, I added my new trim to continue the wainscot throughout the foyer, caulked, filled in nail holes and painted on my final coat of paint. 

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