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3 Tips For A Top-Notch Room Makeover

Ashley and Jamin revealed an eclectic room makeover that brings several different design elements to life. And to get there, they relied on one simple design staple — FrogTape® Painter's Tape. See their top three tips for using FrogTape on this room makeover that features soft textures, warm palettes and cozy layers below.

a bedroom with a flower mural behind the headboard of the bed
  • Hand peeling Green FrogTape Multi-Surface Painter's Tape off of white trim

    Trimming out the Paint

    According to The Handmade Home, the right tools make this process effortless. For this space, they used FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter's Tape to get the crisp lines they rely on for any project.

  • Yellow FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter's Tape being peeled off between the wall and a white frame with a painting of a flower

    Freshly Painted or Delicate Surfaces

    For this room re-do, FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape came in handy twice — on paint that's dry to the touch and the statement wallpaper that brought this room to life. This allowed them to get sharp lines, even while touching up.

  • a bedroom with a flower mural behind the headboard of the bed

    All Things Planning

    And finally, planning. Ashley and Jamin say this benefit isn't shared enough, especially when it comes to delicate surfaces like wallpaper where there is no room for error. For this project they placed the tape right where they needed shelves and then marked/measured for proper bracket placement.

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