Sunset Mural

Melissa Woods

Melissa Woods took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Bohemian Bazaar" to create this colorful mural. Using bright, bohemian colors, FrogTape® and a few paint rollers, Melissa, from Welcome to the Woods, made an amazing feature for a bedroom.

Supplies Needed

  • 6 pack 4” mini rollers ⅜” nap
  • 4” mini roller handle
  • 5 paint samples and a quart of the sky color
  • Frogtape delicate surface
  • razor blade knife
  • paint brush
  • meter stick
  • pencil + string
Sunset Mural

Getting Started

First, sketch your design with pencil, so that each section of color is mapped out. Melissa suggests tying a pencil to one end of a piece of string, as to create a half circle shape drawn for the sun. After that, tape off the edges of the wall with FrogTape®.

Step 1

Time to Paint

Begin rolling on your first coats of paint. Pro tip: Alternate which color to paint, so the edges are dry a bit when you come to roll a color right next to it.

Step 3

After letting the first coat dry for at least four hours, roll the second coat on every other color. Then, let the paint dry a full day.

Step 4

After the paint has been dry for at least 24 hours, you can use FrogTape® Delicate Surface to create your edge lines. Rip the tape down the middle to create a jagged, landscape look. Remove the tape immediately after rolling paint for crisp lines!

Step 6

Run strips of tape away from the semi-circle sun to create rays. Space these however you like using the meter stick to help. Measure sun rays at varying lengths and begin to score the tape with your razor blade knife. To create perfectly straight lines, line the meter stick up with the edge of the tape, score and repeat on the other side of the tape. Peel off your rectangular cut-out from your tape strips and now you’ve created a sun ray template!

Step 7

Fill your sun rays with at least two coats of paint, and peel off the tape when the last coat is still wet.

Step 9
Step 9 option 2

Finishing Up

Finally, touch up the paint with your brush as needed. Then, remove all your painter’s tape from the mural’s edges and reveal perfectly crisp lines!

Close up sun rays
After full view