DIY Candlelight Trays

Ursula Carmona

Ursula, from Homemade by Carmona, used the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trend "Gather" to create decorative wooden trays that can be used as a table centerpiece. She used warm tones and pillar candles to add extra coziness and highlight this trend that encourages us all to come together.

Supplies Needed

A table decorated with flowers and candles.

Step 1

To get started, Ursula, from Homemade by Carmona, added notched corners to a couple of the pieces of scrap wood. She used FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter's Tape to tape off the corners for a cleaner cut and drew her design directly on the tape. But, if you want to keep it simple or don't have power tools, jump to Step #2.

FrogTape painter's tape outlining the corners of a piece of wood.

Step 2

Sand the wood smooth, paying special attention to the corners, and stain the wood (back and front) to your desired color. The "Gather" trend is all about rich, warm tones for added coziness and texture, so she went with a dark walnut to accentuate the grain in the wood.

A piece of wood being stained a dark brown color.

Step 3

Use FrogTape® to create your design of choice, and spray paint that design! Once the stain is completely dry, tape off a variation of designs on the wooden trays. No measuring needed — use the width of the tape to help get the desired pattern and eyeball the rest. Next, spray paint the taped designs.

FrogTape outlining a design on a piece of wood.

Wrapping Up

Remove the tape, style and enjoy!

FrogTape being removed from a painted piece of wood.

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