Invigorate A Wooden Table

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Charlotte is fixing up her 100 year old house and drew some inspiration from the 2020 Design Trends for this earthy end table makeover.

Supplies Needed

Painting A Wood Table Using Painters Tape

To get started, Charlotte prepped the wooden surface with some light sanding and thorough cleaning. She used FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter's Tape to cover the hardware and create a geometric pattern.

Wooden end table on a counter with painter's tape

Next she chose the paint colors. To fully embrace the natural beauty movement, Charlotte used white paint as the base and earthy accent colors to bring the makeover to life.

Tip: use FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter's Tape on freshly painted surfaces that have dried for at least 24 hours.

Woman peeling painter's tape off of a painted end table

Wrapping it up

A few coats of paint later and the project is complete. Use live botanicals and other organic elements to finish the look.

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White painted end table with green and blue trim, sitting in front of plant wallpaper