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FrogTape® family of products.
FrogTape® is a pro painter's masking tape and the only tape treated with PaintBlock® Technology. FrogTape was designed for use with latex paints. PaintBlock reacts with the water in latex paints to form a micro-barrier along the edges of the tape. This makes FrogTape more resistant to paint bleeding.
PaintBlock® is a cross-linked, sodium-based Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP). Essentially, it is a polymer that can absorb and retain large amounts of a liquid relative to its own mass. Superabsorbent technology has been around for decades and is used in many everyday items, including baby diapers.
FrogTape® Multi-Surface is available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sherwin-Williams, Ace Hardware, True Value, Walmart and other fine paint and hardware retailers nationwide. Check our Where to Buy page to find a retailer near you or to purchase online.
We like to think of masking tape as a tool. You make your tools last longer by taking care of them, storing them properly, and keeping them clean. The canister FrogTape comes in keeps it from being damaged (such as the edges being nicked), and keeps dirt and debris off the tape. You can use an empty canister for storage of nuts and bolts, screws, or nails. It is also recyclable.
FrogTape® is only available in 24mm, 36mm, and 48mm.
We sell FrogTape® to a variety of retailers and distributors.  If you need help locating a retailer or distributor in your area, please visit our Where to Buy page or call us at 1-800- 376-4827.
FrogTape® Delicate Surface painter’s tape will come off without leaving a residue from freshly painted surfaces (at least 24 hours), faux finishes and wallpaper for up to 60 days before you paint. We recommend that you remove masking tape immediately after you are finished painting to reduce the risk of tearing fresh paint.
FrogTape® Multi-Surface is UV resistant for up to 7 days. We recommend that you remove masking tape immediately after you are finished painting.
FrogTape® Multi-Surface painter’s tape will come off without leaving a residue from most surfaces for up to 21 days (7 days in direct sun before you paint). We recommend that you remove masking tape immediately after you are finished painting to reduce the risk of tearing fresh paint.
Remove tape while the paint is still wet. If the paint dries and you notice that the paint is pulling up with the tape, or that the paint is cracking along the paint line as you remove the tape, score along the edge of the tape with a razor blade before removing. This breaks the seal between paint and tape, ensuring a cleaner line and easier removal.
If you have recently painted your walls, this usually indicates that the paint has not fully cured. Stretching the tape as you apply it can also cause it to lift off of the wall. It could also mean that the surface was not properly prepared. Proper surface preparation, such as cleaning the surface to be painted so it is dust free, and priming the wall with a compatible primer helps ensure that the paint coat will be well bonded.
For application to fresh paint (at least 24 hours old), we recommend you use FrogTape® Delicate Surface. FrogTape® Multi-Surface should only be applied to cured surfaces. In relation to paint, “cured” does not mean the same thing as “dry”. The curing of paint takes place on a chemical level and is not just the evaporation of liquid from the paint. A cured paint will be a solid state throughout, not just dry to the touch. A latex paint may feel dry within hours after painting but factors such as humidity, paint color, and the number of coats will impact how long it takes it to actually cure. We recommend waiting at least 3 days and testing FrogTape® Multi-Surface in an inconspicuous area if you have concerns about your paint being cured.
FrogTape® is not recommended for use with or on lacquer coatings. However, many end users are successfully using FrogTape® products with and on lacquer coatings. We recommend that you test before use.
Yes, but due to the number of solvent coatings and alkyd paints we recommend that you test before use.
No, you do not have to use any special techniques when using FrogTape® painter’s tape. We do recommend the surface be clean, dust-free and dry before applying the tape.
FrogTape® painter’s tapes are not recommended for use in marine applications. If you wish to use it for this purpose, you must test before use.
FrogTape® painter’s tapes have not been designed for automotive applications. However, we have received many reports of successful use. If you wish to use it for this, you must test before use
We recommend you use FrogTape® Delicate Surface for this type of application.
Cabinet manufacturers use a variety of substrates (solid wood, particle board, etc.) and finishes that range from urethanes, lacquers, vinyl and veneers on their cabinet surfaces. Due to the variety of substrates and finishes, it is always recommended that a test to replicate use be conducted in an inconspicuous area before masking. If there is a good bond, it is fine to use FrogTape® Multi Surface. However, if there is an indication of a poor bond (e.g. tape lifting the finish off), we would suggest using a tape designed for delicate surfaces.
It is not recommended that FrogTape® products be used in oven baked cycles.
Many end users have successfully used FrogTape® painter’s tapes with and on stains. We recommend that FrogTape® products are tested before use due to the number of commercially available stains (both water and solvent based).
FrogTape® painter’s tapes should work for this application. Due to the number of commercial manufacturers of spray paint and the variety of coating compositions we recommend that FrogTape® always be tested before use.
FrogTape® products should always be tested before use in this application due to the variety of aluminum and aluminum finishes. FrogTape® products should never be left up for more than 7 days in this application. The test should be conducted in an effort to replicate the entire process. (Test in an inconspicuous area and replicate taping the aluminum surface, applying the coating and removing the tape after no more than 7 days.) UV exposure and outdoor climatic conditions, which vary depending on location, can alter the properties of the tape.
All tapes will have a tendency to leak on textured or irregular surfaces. It is virtually impossible to fill in the low spots unless you use some specialized procedures or a painter's tape meant for this application.
The product is a pre-cut painting tape and is for single use application only. For best results remove immediately while paint is slightly wet.