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Introducing the 2022 FrogTape® Paintover Challenge®

With a $1,500 budget, The Paintover Challenge® puts five influencers’ design skills to the test as they create five unique projects — from redoing a piece of furniture, to refreshing an entire room — while incorporating the 2022 FrogTape® Design Trends into their makeovers.

Then, Taniya selects the top 5 projects, and you get to vote for the winner, from July 20th – August 3rd!

The grand prize? $5,000 cash prize for the influencer, $10,000 for the charity of their choice and $2,500 to design and execute an interior project for their selected charity. Check back soon to see these one-of-kind painting projects come to life.

Meet the DIYers
Taniya Nayaks


Veteran interior designer and DIY television personality, Taniya Nayak, partners with FrogTape® brand painter’s tape every year to uncover the latest home design. To up the ante of the competition, each DIYer was tasked with using each 2022 design trend to incorporate into their makeover to show how these trends can come to life in fun and creative ways at home.

5 DIYers

5 DIYers

5 influencer DIYers create 1 paint project showcasing how to best represent each FrogTape® 2022 Design Trend.



Each DIYer received $1,500 & FrogTape to execute 5 projects each.



Taniya Nayak will select her top 5 favorite projects and then you vote to choose who wins! $10,000 will be donated to the charity of the winner’s choice.

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