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Congratulations 2021 Paintover Challenge Winner, Kelly from Hartley Home!

2020 Paintover Challenge Winner

Within the Grove

As a former Kindergarten teacher, Liz's passion for teaching others how to DIY is bound to be a great time. Liz is a self-proclaimed paint connoisseur, an expert in pivoting in the middle of a project when something doesn't feel or look right, and wholeheartedly believes projects can be done on a budget with stunning results.

2019 Paintover Challenge Winner

Life on Virginia Street

As a former insurance executive turned full-time blogger, Sarah loves sharing her excitement for all things home design and DIY, fashion, food and photography – really, just anything that has nothing to do with her former day-to-day office life. 

Assigned Trend: Natural and Organic

2018 Paintover Challenge Winner

Haneen's Haven

A mother of four with an art degree, Haneen pours creative energy into her home and believes it’s the most fulfilling canvas, because a home is a “work of art” in which you live. Drawn to bright colors, Haneen loves mixing pattern, textures, and old and new to create a truly eclectic, livable space.

Assigned Trend: Back to the Future

2017 Paintover Challenge Winner

Emily A. Clark

Emily is the author of the interior design blog, Emily A. Clark, where she shares attainable, quick and affordable decorating ideas, as well as the process of decorating her own home. Her blog was named “Best Decorating/DIY Blog” of 2016 by Better Homes & Gardens readers and her work has been featured twice in the publication, as well as in Good Housekeeping and Family Circle. She resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband and five kids. Emily is playing for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Assigned Trend: Nature's Influence

2016 Paintover Challenge Winner

Thistlewood Farms

After leaving big city life behind for a place where she could see the stars, KariAnne found her passion for home and design with her blog Thistlewood Farms. Thistlewood Farms is more than the story of a farmhouse; it’s about family, fun, burlap and pancakes.

Assigned Trend: Presswork Palette

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