Design Trend No. 3

Place of Zen

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe. Feel the weight of the world slowly lift off of your shoulders as you exhale. This trend is about creating a space that gives serenity and calm in our busy day to day life.

Basement Bathroom Makeover

Kate Chipinski

Kate Chipinski

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Hi! My name is Kate Chipinski. I am an eco friendly, DIY home renovator. I think it’s important to reduce waste in home renovations. My motto is; work with what you have, use some creativity to make it beautiful once again. My favorite thing to do when renovating and decorating is to bring natural and vintage elements into a space while still keeping it crisp and modern. I live in Minnesota with my husband Mike, who is my partner in crime when it comes to life and home renovations. We have two beautiful, feisty, and independent daughters who keep us on our toes. Our favorite summer pastime is to spend time outside having bonfires and playing on the lake that we live on.

Design Planning

Room Prep

Final Transformation

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