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Dressing room/closet Makeover

Jodi Bond

House on a SugarHill


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Fearlessly DIYing her way through a home reno, and always a fan of femmine chic color, Jodi Bond is a wife, and mother of four who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Jodi is the creator behind the blog House on a Sugar Hill where she and her hubby tackle the all the large and small projects that come from renovating your own home. With grit and full of heart, she loves to share the highs and lows and how to's through her writing and on social media.

Design Planning

Design Planning
Design Planning

Room Prep

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Room Prep

Final Transformation

Final Transformation
Final Transformation
Final Transformation
Final Transformation

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The power of paint never ceases to amaze me. Its transformational power to take a blank space, void of personality, and turn it into something fresh, living, and a total mood is unparalleled.

This week I’ve teamed up with Frogtape to use $500 and transform an unused attic space into an extended closet dressing room for their Frogtape Paintover Challenge.

This space was formally an unused nook which extended past our master bedroom closets into the bonus room that’s accessible only through our bedroom closet. With it’s awkward corners, the room was not at all functional and ended up being used as a catch all for office supplies and any extra items that didn’t fit into our overfilled closets.

The first step in reclaiming the unused square footage was to build a wall, partitioning it off into its own room. We used an arch kit while framing in the wall to create an arched doorway.

Once the room was enclosed I knew I could add major personality by painting its surroundings in unexpected color. My theme for the challenge was Boho Bold, so I decided on a warm peachy color as inspiration for the room. As an added bonus, peach is one of the most flattering colors on skin tone (perfect for a dressing room, wouldn’t you say?)

First I tackled the floor. I wanted the dressing room to have a vintage European flare, so the black and white diamond pattern is a nod to that design.

To create the floor I used the following steps:

  • First I decided the scale of the diamond. I wanted a larger pattern that would give more of a dramatic flare, so I settled on a 16x16 grid.
  • Because I was working in a room with a lot of angles, in addition to drawing the diamond pattern directly on the floor, I used a homemade cardboard template in the 16x16 shape, a measuring tape, and a level, to make sure my pattern was staying flush and level on all sides.
  • Once the lines were down, it was time to lay the painters tape. I had to work with each square separately and alternate whether the painters tape laid on the inside or the outside of the pattern (Because I was painting over the white floors, I laid the tape inside for the white squares, and outside for the black squares).
  • Once the painters tape was down, I sealed the paint using the original white flooring paint over the edges of the painters tape where I would be painting black. Sealing the paint ensures that any paint that might seep under the painters tape will be white, protecting it from any of the accent color I would paint over once the sealing paint had dried.
  • Lastly I painted two coats of Black Magic by Sherwin Williams on the alternating diamonds.

Once the floor had dried, I tackled the walls.

  • First I painted the majority of the walls using Provincial Peach by Sherwin Williams
  • Next I painted the accent walls in Florentine Clay by Valspar
  • Lastly I painted an accent stripe that extended up the accent wall and over the ceiling in Sea Serenade by Valspar.
  • I measured and taped off where the stripe would go, and after sealing the painters tape, I painted a stripe minus the arc at the end.
  • Once the paint dried, using a kitchen plate as a template, I traced an arch at either end of the stripe. Using an edge brush, I carefully followed the arch by hand, and then filled the rest in with a roller brush.

Once the room was painted and dried, it was time to start filling the space with all the things that would make a functional dressing room.Two velvet curtains mounted on the outside of the room offer extra privacy. A velvet chair in the same color as the wall gives a place to sit while putting on shoes. I pulled in a clothing rack for extra clothing and shoes. I used a low thrifted floor mirror as a vanity, because I prefer to do hair and makeup while seated on the floor. I added an access of hooks on the wall to hold hats, purses, and robes. You can never have too many in my opinion. The gallery wall are photos I pulled in from around my house. And because no space is complete without greenery, I added a few low light plants to my dressing room. I’ll be honest, there are NO windows in this room, so I may need to trade these out for a few faux plants. We’ll see how they do! The end table was a home goods find, as well as the makeup organizer and the globe table lamp. For the final boho touch I added a vintage rug, drawing in all the colors on the wall.

This once unused catchall of a space is now an invigorating and useful dressing room.

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