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Basement Living Room Makeover

Cassie Bustamante

Cassie Bustamante


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Cassie is a mother of three, wife, daughter and true friend; a kitchen dancer and hair brush singer, honest writer, collector of pretty things, thrifter extraordinaire, and soul digger. I work to create a home and life filled with purpose, and believe that paint can fix almost anything. With a little creativity and a willingness to work, a beautiful home doesn't have to wait until "one day."

Design Planning

Design Planning
Design Planning

Room Prep

Room Prep
Room Prep

Final Transformation

Final Transformation
Final Transformation
Final Transformation


We had so much fun creating this space using Frogtape in a variety of ways. From the drop cloth artwork to protecting our flooring around the fireplace, there was nothing that this tape couldn't help us achieve. The project that had the most impact and used just paint, tape, and a bit of poster board was our arched color block wall, and today I am going to show you just how we put together that design.


Taking into consideration that the walls on either side of our fireplace were not symmetrical, I had to create a design that fit on both. Each wall is especially long, so I also needed a design that would take up a lot of wall space. Using a piece of printer paper and some colored pencils, I sketched up an extremely rough idea of what I wanted. (I am not a designer and don't use graph paper, so don't judge my poor rendering!)

When it came time to implementing I altered the design a little bit to let the fireplace have a little more impact after it was painted. Here is where we ended up.


Now let's talk about how to create this look.

Materials Needed:

  • Frogtape for delicate surfaces
  • contrasting paint
  • poster board
  • pencil
  • level
  • tape measure
  • scissors


  • Measure your wall length and figure out the spacing for your design. This will differ for each wall, but for my wall, my design is 108" from the edge of the fireplace to the edge of the green design, with each tiered section of the green being 54".
  • Figure out the height that you want your highest tiered section to start at and measure and draw some dashes with a pencil at that height across where that section will be.
  • Using your delicate surfaces Frogtape (if you have recently painted the wall like we had), apply your tape horizontally just above your pencil dashes (you will paint over these and won't have to worry about erasing them). Use a level to check your tape line and readjust as necessary.
  • Figure out where you want that top tiered section to end and measure away from the fireplace (or whatever you are using as a starting point) and again draw several pencil dashes at that distance away.
  • Using your delicate surfaces Frogtape, apply your tape vertically just to the outer edge of your pencil dashes, again so you can paint over these. Use your level to ensure that your tape is straight.
  • Cut a curved corner into a large piece of poster board.
  • Hold this piece inside of your two tape lines (which if done properly create to meet a corner), lining the straight edges of the board up with the tape. Use a pencil to outline the curved section to create an arch shaped corner on your design.
  • Repeat these steps for the second tiered section if you are creating one.
  • Using an angled brush, paint along all of your edges, and carefully paint along your pencil drawn line.
  • Allow to dry and recoat as necessary.
  • Once the last coat has been applied, you can remove the tape while the paint is still wet.
  • Step away and admire your work!

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