Design Trend No. 4

Bohemian Bold

Let go of your worries and follow your heart. Don’t worry about what people think of you and your style. Own your true authentic self. Love harder, worry less. Break free from societal pressures. Do you.

Master Closet Makeover

Audrey Sprinkle

The Black House on the Corner


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Audrey Sprinkle (The Black House on the Corner) along with her husband, four boys, and 2 dogs have been renovating and decorating old homes for the last 9 years. Her focus is always creating unique spaces with tons of DIY hacks, vintage finds, and the most dramatic before and afters.

Design Planning

Design Planning
Design Planning
Design Planning

Room Prep

Room Prep
Room Prep
Room Prep

Final Transformation

Final Transformation
Final Transformation
Final Transformation
Final Transformation

Redesign Videos


  • Identify design trend aspects (what is Bohemian Bold texture, color, pattern)
  • Select paint samples, paint in two different areas of the room and check throughout the day for tonal changes from the lighting source.
  • Decide on final paint color
  • Prep walls and trim by cleaning and patching any holes and calking any trim gaps
  • Apply FrogTape Multi Surface (we started from ceiling down) taping wall and ceiling to start painting crown molding.
  • Remove crown tape sections and now tape off window trim, crown molding, and base molding to prepare for wall paint.
  • Prime any patches or if priming is necessary for a drastic color change
  • Cut in around taped areas and corners
  • Roll walls in a W pattern to prevent streaks
  • Repeat last two steps
  • Once walls are dry remove tape
  • Tape off walls around base molding and window trim using Frog Tape Delicate tape since walls are freshly painted.
  • Paint trim, once dry remove tape.
  • Determine feature wall and decide on shape/color to make that wall stand out.
  • Use Frog Tape Delicate Tape to tape off pattern/shape.
  • Paint inside of the taped area with base paint in order to create a base for contrasting color.
  • Paint with contrasting color
  • Remove tape once dry
  • Clean up, put away any paint supplies
  • Install a bold, boho light fixture to center the room.
  • Lay bold, bright, patterned rugs to ground the room. Decorate using different textures and patterns.
  • Incorporate natural elements (plants, wood, rocks)
  • Check scale and placement of decor and rearrange until it works.

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