Challenge Progress

Week 1: Design Planning

I’m so excited to be giving my living room a stylish update for the Paintover Challenge®. It’s one of those spaces in my home where I’ve always liked it, but I didn’t love it. I’m all about contrast in design, and that’s just want this room needs. To incorporate my assigned trend of Fluid and Fashionable, I’m creating a moody and dramatic space with deep blue paint, and black and gold accents. I can’t wait to show off the finished project. Follow the progress on my blog

Simply Grove Before Shot 1
Simply Grove Before Shot 2
Simply Grove Before Shot 3
Simply Grove Before Shot 4

Week 2: Room Prep

After contemplating the perfect color for my living room makeover, I finally chose the perfect moody shade called Deep Dive – which is a beautiful marriage of blue and green. To achieve my Fluid and Fashionable trend, I’m creating an effortless design that allows for your eyes to coast along the space without seeing a crisp defined transition with style or color. This means I’m painting the walls, trim and shelving all one color. Sounds strange, right? Trust me, it’s going to look awesome! Get step-by-step details over on my blog.    

Photo Apr 05 12 40 47 Pm
Photo Apr 05 12 33 22 Pm
Photo Apr 05 11 31 52 Am 1
Photo Apr 05 1 42 17 Pm 1
Photo Apr 05 1 36 34 Pm 1
Img 7727

Week 3: Transformation

A moody and dramatic makeover is just what my living room needed. Check out how I incorporated my assigned Fluid and Fashionable trend into my design to create a space I can now say I love.

Simply Grove 1
Simply Grove 2
Simply Grove 3
Simply Grove 4
Simply Grove 5
Simply Grove 6
Simply Grove 7
Simply Grove 8

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