Challenge Progress

Life on Virginia Street

Week 1: Design Planning

We’ve been busy planning and I’m thrilled to finally share that I’m giving my master bedroom a makeover for this year’s Paintover Challenge®. While our current room design isn’t horrible, it's always felt cold, impersonal, and just not "us.” I’ll be using the Natural and Organic trend to add a touch of my beachy vibe into the design plans, making it more of a sophisticated space with timeless base elements that will work for years to come. Follow along as I show you how to incorporate new textures and tones with a palette derived from nature, and give my trim and ceiling a major update. 

Life On Virginia Street Before 1
Life On Virginia Street Before 3
Life On Virginia Street Before 5
Master Bedroom Design Board Final

Week 2: Room Prep

Paint, paint and more paint! I can't even begin to tell you how much time I have invested in painting this space. However, it's pretty thrilling when you get to see just how dramatic the fresh paint looks. Luckily, FrogTape® has helped make the process so much easier as I haven’t had to do any touch ups. I started by painting the ceiling, then worked my way down to the walls, followed by baseboards and trim. The crisp white trim and ceiling look great with the Sea Salt blue walls. I'm obsessed with how it turned out. Get all of the details over on my blog

Removing Tape 2
Removing Tape
Tape Lines Comparison
How To Paint Baseboards
Gallery Wall After
How To Paint Baseboards Trim
Painted Ceiling Progress
Paint Colors

Week 3: Transformation

My master bedroom has all of the elements of the Natural and Organic trend with a little bit of a beachy flair. After nearly three weeks’ worth of painting, I’m thrilled to show you the final results. See the full makeover on my blog.

Life On Virginia Street 1
Bedroom interior
Bedroom interior
Life On Virginia Street 4
Life On Virginia Street 6
Life On Virginia Street 8
Bedroom interior
Life On Virginia Street 7

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