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Sarah Merrell

Sarah, from Sarah Flips It, flipped her first dresser while she was eight months pregnant with her second baby and immediately fell in love with DIY. Since then she's learned to build and continues to grow her skills while sharing her DIY journey and everything in between from motherhood to candy reviews to how to flip a house into a home!

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Makeover Project:

Simple Moody Office Wainscot DIY

Wainscot is the perfect way to unify and cozy up a space. For this project, I was going for a calm and moody vibe that also felt relaxing. I’m so happy with the result of this project and the best part is it is super affordable and simple with the right supplies!

I took inspiration from the 2024 Design Trend, "Wainscot Just a Minute" to cozy up my at-home office using wainscot. 

Check out the step-by-step tutorial below.


In Progress

Final Transformation

Step by Step Tutorial