The Five Home Trends That Will be Popular in 2021 | Frogtape

AVON, OHIO (October 2020) – The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased the amount of time spent at home. And now, it isn’t just the place where you relax and regroup at the end of the day – it’s also an office, daycare, eatery, gym, classroom and more. Even if the challenges with the Coronavirus are minimized in 2021, celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak thinks the pandemic has caused us to reconsider how we use and live in our homes. With this in mind, Nayak teamed up with FrogTape® brand painter’s tape to develop the interior design trends that will help consumers embrace a new way of living in the New Year.

“Our definition of ‘home’ has evolved due to the variety of activities now occurring under one roof, meaning we not only need to add functionality to our spaces but also examine how they make us feel,” says Nayak. “Traditionally, décor trends provide inspiration for breathing new life into a home. While these trends are sure to stimulate style and creativity, they also will help establish different areas for different needs.”

According to Nayak, there are several ways – big and small – that consumers can design live-work areas that are personal and functional. From creating a calming refuge to defining a place of play, here are the top five home trends that will help develop a new style of living in 2021.

1. Rest Easy

“Our living spaces greatly influence our physical and emotional health, so it’s important to form environments that promote rest and relaxation – especially in our current climate,” explains Nayak. To cultivate a refuge that offers sanctuary from daily stresses, she recommends embodying cozy layers and soothing colors like tans and soft greys. Another way to incorporate this trend is to tape off window trim and paint mullions a charcoal or black to frame the view for long, peaceful gazes to the world beyond. To execute this project, Nayak recommends using a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape®, for sharp paint lines and professional-looking results.

2. Eat Well

Whether it’s a romantic meal, family dinner or gathering with a small group of friends, food brings people together and this trend is all about designing a space that is inviting, no matter the occasion. To do this, embrace the stunning hues that nature brings to the table with colors inspired by fresh produce like kale, tomatoes, and peppers. Painting cabinets, the island, or walls of a breakfast nook a rich, vibrant color will create an aesthetic that makes everyone feel welcome.

3. Work Hard

One longer-term effect of COVID-19 for many will be the continuation of working remotely and less frequent trips to an office. To ensure your workspace inspires productivity, Nayak recommends implementing a design that’s easy to keep organized and establishes clear boundaries between work and play. Consider a palette that combines neutral tones and incorporate a small punch of color like aqua or scarlet, within artwork or through an accent wall, to stay alert throughout the day.

When it comes to painting walls and ensuring clean, sharp paint lines, Nayak’s go-to tool is FrogTape® painter’s tape. Treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, FrogTape® is the perfect way to get professional-looking results and eliminate the need for touch-ups.

4. Live Well

“During this pandemic, we have found ourselves with quieter social calendars, which we’ve filled with activities like reading, listening to music or playing games, and we’ve renewed a love for these happy moments,” adds Nayak. “Make time for these activities and slower moments, even after quarantine ends, by designating a space that exudes ease and familiarity.”

Infusing rich, friendly colors such as navy, charcoal, and cognac, and integrating warm textures, like knit blankets and worn leather sofas, will achieve this timeless and casual, yet chic, look.

5. Play Hard

This trend encapsulates the feeling of play with vivid and cheerful hues, light-hearted accessories, and bright textiles, which produce a sense of fun and a design that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Consumers can incorporate DIY projects like painting bold, geometric patterns on an accent wall in the basement or playroom, or hand-painting a unique design on outdoor planters to add an element of joy.

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