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Aug 15, 2014

FrogTape® to Help Construct Homes for Amphibians with Save the Frogs!® Wetlands Construction Workshop Sponsorship

Known for products that aid in home improvement, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is taking to the wetlands to help create a different kind of home – one designed specifically for frogs.

AVON, OHIO (August 2014) – Known for products that aid in home improvement, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape is taking to the wetlands to help create a different kind of home – one designed specifically for frogs. FrogTape, the makers of innovative painter’s tapes, contributed to the Save the Frogs!® mission last year, and has again donated to help protect amphibian populations against extinction. This year, the brand is sponsoring a wetlands construction workshop to create homes suitable for wildlife.

Save the Frogs!, a non-profit based in California, is the leading amphibian conservation organization in the world. Its mission is to protect amphibians and promote a society that respects and appreciates nature and wildlife. Save the Frogs! not only operates on the west coast, but works across the globe to combat the amphibian decline and to encourage a safer planet for humans and wildlife alike.

This year, FrogTape donated $1,500 to Save the Frogs! to help fund the wetland construction workshop taking place in Fairfax, California from October 14 - 16, 2014. The workshop, spearheaded by Save the Frogs! founder Kerry Kriger and leading wetlands construction expert Tom Biebeghauser, will train 30 participants in the art of wetlands construction. The group will visit wetlands in the San Francisco Bay area to survey native wildlife and learn how to incorporate wetlands into environmental education for continued awareness. The group will then build a wetland at Manor School, an elementary school whose mission is to provide authentic learning opportunities that bring students and the community together for enriched studies and real life experiences. Manor School also boasts woodlands and a stream on its property that’s ideal for creating a wildlife habitat.

According to Save the Frogs!, habitat destruction – including that of wetlands – is the number one cause of the declining amphibian population worldwide, causing nearly one-third of the world’s frog species to be threatened with extinction. Save the Frogs! aims to ban harmful pesticides, decrease frog leg consumption and create awareness of the amphibian shortage.

“When we heard about the wetlands construction workshops that Save the Frogs! planned, we didn’t hesitate to support this initiative,” said Kristin Osinski, senior media manager at ShurTech Brands, LLC. “Providing a safe space for amphibian species and moreover, educating the public about the importance of these habitats through workshops, is an admirable mission that we’re proud to champion.”

Each April, Save the Frogs! hosts its annual “Save The Frogs Day” which is the largest day of amphibian education. Participants are encouraged to celebrate the amphibian species and spread knowledge of its extinction crisis. For more information about Save the Frogs!, visit

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