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Oct 22, 2019

FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tape and Taniya Nayak Announce 2020 Home Design Trends

Celebrity Interior Designer Showcases Easy Ways to Update Home Décor in the New Year

AVON, OHIO (October 2019) – Whether you’re always the first of your friends to embrace a hot new décor trend or you prefer making minor amends to your existing style, small updates can breathe new life into your home. To inspire consumers and DIYers looking for fresh décor ideas, celebrity interior designer, Taniya Nayak, and FrogTape® brand painter’s tape have teamed up for the sixth year to develop the top interior design trends for 2020. 

“Design trends are meant to help establish new avenues for infusing character and personality into a space,” says Nayak. “Whether you gravitate toward calming Zen-inspired interiors or opulent jewel-toned textures and ornate Bohemian motifs, great design is amplified when you stay true to your instincts and 2020 is shaping up to be the year of authentic, self-expression.” 

According to Nayak, there are several ways – big and small – that consumers can make their homes feel distinctly theirs. From traditional to more contemporary design, here are the top five trends that will take off in the New Year. 

1. Fun & Fearless

In 2020, Nayak encourages DIYers to lean in to their childlike instincts and incorporate bright, joyful colors, like vibrant orange, aqua and pink. “Instead of worrying about whether your art matches your furniture, think about what makes you smile and don’t take yourself or your designs too seriously,” says Nayak. An easy way to achieve this is to introduce fresh, youthful-hued décor accents in your space, such as tie-dye plates or paint dipped vases, and use a fresh, blank canvas like white walls, to make those pieces truly pop. 

2. Place of Zen

This trend is all about designing a space that exudes serenity and calmness to create a haven from our busy day-to-day routine. To ensure your home is a sanctuary for relaxation, Nayak recommends infusing soothing shades like Warm Stone brown, Misty blue and Glamour taupe from the Sherwin-Williams Mantra palette. From there, keep furniture simple and décor uncluttered, and arrange nature-inspired accent pieces in odd numbered groupings to make them more dynamic and visually appealing.

3. Rich at Heart

Nayak’s inspiration behind this trend is the translation of a feeling of inner richness to a space that is luxe in color, texture and glam. Embrace a palette comprised of rich tones with an edge, such as sapphire blue, emerald green and mannered gold, and layer in mixed metals and opulent velvet fabrics. To replicate decadent texture in your space without spending a fortune on materials, give your walls a decorative paint treatment like color washing, a technique that diffuses color to make a textured pattern, which will create a subtle, aged effect. 

When it comes to painting around trim and ensuring clean, sharp paint lines, Nayak’s go-to tool is FrogTape® painter’s tape. Treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, FrogTape® tapes are a fool proof way to get professional-looking results and eliminate the need for touch-ups.

4. Bohemian Bold

Breaking free from societal pressures is key to achieving this trend and getting a carefree, yet chic, look. “The beauty of this free-spirited approach to design is that it can mean something different to everyone,” says Nayak. “By following your heart, you’ll create a space that radiates true self-expression.”

One way to infuse the Bohemian trend is by using muted tones, such as deep brown and graphite, for base colors on furniture and walls, and accessorizing with soft coral and electric blue. Go even further by layering distressed fabrics, displaying statement stones, like turquoise, and incorporating ornate patterns through a stenciled, repurposed headboard or mixed-frame gallery wall. 

5. Natural Beauty

A tribute to nature, this trend encapsulates the feeling of new growth and embodies natural goodness. Nayak recommends integrating organic elements, such as live botanicals, wood textures and stone materials paired with soft pastels and earthy tones, to remind us of the exterior and bring the outside, in. 

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