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May 10, 2016

Boost Your Business in the Remodeling Market Boom

With so many families looking to revamp their homes, your business can capitalize from the remodeling surge this year — here are a few tips on how to do so.

According to a recent study*, 81% of homeowners plan to hire a pro to complete projects in 2015 such as renovations and decorating. With so many families looking to revamp their homes, your business can capitalize from the remodeling surge this year — here are a few tips on how to do so.


When leading a group of contractors, you’re only as good as your team. Make sure your crew is doing their best work by supplying them with products that deliver premium results, like FrogTape® brand painter’s tape. Choosing FrogTape® ensures sharp lines for all your painting projects. FrogTape® is treated with patented PaintBlock® Technology, an absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint to create a barrier against paint bleed; this means easily achieving the sharpest lines possible, saving time on the job. Increasing long-term revenue and profitability should always be top of mind, and high-quality products play a large role in this.


Showcase examples of your most impressive projects on a website and/or in a portfolio so potential clients are aware of your team’s capabilities, and to demonstrate that you can tailor your work to meet their needs. Include before and after images so they can see how well you can transform different types of spaces. Include a description of each image as well — outline the objective, strategy and results to give background on how you executed the project. 

Ask satisfied clients if they would be willing to share testimonials to include in your portfolio. Positive reviews drive hiring decisions — 83% of homeowners rely on recommendations when choosing a contractor*. To further impress potential customers, consider welcoming them to a jobsite (if your current client permits) so they can see how you operate. If going this route, be sure to inform your team in advance.


Despite social media, ads and other promotional tactics, one of the most effective marketing tools is still the tried and true word-of-mouth. To foster a rapport with customers, keep in touch with them to build a long-lasting relationship such as sending handwritten thank-you notes a few weeks after completing a job. Also, touch base every six months to a year to ensure your project is holding up well and see if any other updates are needed around the home. If you have the resources, collect email addresses from your past clients and prospects to keep them updated on specials you may be running with an eNewsletter. This keeps your business top of mind and shows that you care about building a solid reputation while providing savings and beneficial information.


pare time may be limited when growing a business, but it is important to carve out time for networking. Attend trade conferences in your region to connect with other business owners to learn tools of the trade and to share insights. Swap business cards with vendors — you may score a discount on products and supplies to pass along to clients and stay competitive with pricing. During the conferences, make sure to take note of helpful tips and practices that can apply to your business to reach a wider clientele.


If your business is not yet part of a professional trade association, consider becoming a member of one relevant to your business and expertise. Many homeowners search the databases of various associations to find trusted contractors in their area. A construction project is typically a major investment for homeowners, so working with accredited contractors will make them feel at ease. Owning a business takes time and tremendous effort, but is rewarding at the end of the day. For information on how to impress and inspire clients with your painting projects, visit