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Jan 09, 2017

FrogTape® Brand Painter’s Tape and Celebrity Interior Designer Taniya Nayak Announce 2017 Design Trends

Lush Layers, Woven Textures and Timeless Palettes Are Just a Few of the Trends Making a Statement in the New Year

AVON, OHIO (January 2017) – The New Year brings a fresh perspective, making it the ideal time to enhance home interiors. To help inspire consumers, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape has again partnered with celebrity interior designer and DIY television personality, Taniya Nayak, to reveal the top home design trends for 2017.

“Whether you’re building a new home, completing a large-scale renovation or simply looking to freshen up a room, these trends are meant to provide inspiration as you begin planning your décor project,” says Nayak. “With our busy lifestyles, our homes have become our sanctuaries, and by incorporating new textures and colors you can easily transform a space to reflect your personality while breathing fresh life into the room.”

According to Nayak, there are several ways consumers can infuse their home with design elements that will be at the forefront of interior design in 2017. Here are the trends that will be gaining steam in the New Year, along with tips on how to integrate them into upcoming décor projects:

1. Luscious Layers
Allow yourself to feel wrapped in luxury with lush folds of drapery, color, texture and softness. Create a dreamy effect with blush pinks, soft grays and creams that enhance this style. To easily integrate this trend, start by painting a simple wall color and then add layers with cozy bedding, sheer drapery and rugs.

2. Nature’s Influence
“When nature has a hand in design, you can expect the unexpected,” explains Nayak. “This trend is all about the magic in movement and the whimsy in the color that really bring a space to life.”

Embrace nature’s influence by incorporating natural wood finishes, fresh flowers, landscape photography and surprising pops of color. “If natural wood isn’t an option, it’s easy to create the look with a painting treatment called faux bois,” adds Nayak. “All you need is paint, a faux wood rubber tool (found at most craft stores), and painter’s tape to DIY a textured design that instantly makes a room feel more rich.”

3. Modern Morphing
Morphing is a way to bridge a gap between rooms, which is especially essential in open concept living and apartments. “Modern morphing uses colors and shapes to trick the eye as to where one room ends and another begins,” explains Nayak. “A great way to accomplish this is with bold color blocking and adding depth to a space with geometric patterned walls or artwork.”

“When it comes to painting an accent wall, one of the most important tools you need is a premium painter’s tape, like FrogTape® painter’s tape, to allow you to achieve a clean transition from the newly painted wall to the adjacent walls,” added Nayak. “Treated with PaintBlock®Technology, FrogTape® Multi-Surface and Delicate Surface tapes can be used on a variety of surfaces and deliver sharp paint lines, making your handiwork look like that of a professional.”

4. Haute Homemade
“This trend makes crafting hot again,” says Nayak. “Haute homemade is about elevating interiors with personal touches – like monogrammed accessories or flea market rehabs – that help bring comfort and warmth to a home.” 

Try incorporating this trend by using paint in less than conventional ways, such as painting bold stripes on a rug, or add metallic gold accents to a planter or vase for a look that is personal, yet elegant.

5. Inter “Woven”
According to Nayak, rich textures and bold colors are all the rage with this indie-meets-mid-century modern appeal. “Introducing texture can add character to a space, especially when it pops with a burst of deep, richly dyed tones,” she says.

A great way to easily achieve this look is with a bright statement rug and patterned pillows. Or, take it a step further with a plaid-inspired accent wall design in rich shades of blue, red or pink, balanced with a neutral color on the remaining walls – like white or gray. Ensure your work looks seamless and prevent paint bleed by using FrogTape® painter’s tape for the pattern, baseboards, trim and adjacent walls.

6. Timeless Touch
Some things never go out of style, including tailored and timeless design. “Make a space tell a story by adding a few vintage touches with heirlooms, personal items, or classic paint colors,” Nayak explains. The use of gray, brown, navy and white, paired with molding, provides a crisp look that can make a room seem ageless.

With a little help from FrogTape® and Taniya Nayak, you can bring style and character into your home in 2017. For more information and project inspiration, or to learn more about FrogTape® painter’s tape, visit


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