How to Prep Your Room for Painting


  1. Putty Knives 
  2. Sanding sponges 
  3. 220-grit sandpaper 
  4. Pole Sander 
  5. Spackle 

Before doing anything, clear away anything that get’s in the way of your painting

  • Switch plate covers
  • Window treatments 
  • Light fixtures 
  • Small electronics, plug-in appliances or easy-to-move furniture. 

Step 1: CLEAN 

  • Clean the walls with a sponge and mild detergent from the bottom up.
  • Rinse the sponge frequently as you clean.
  • Make sure all walls and surfaces are completely dry before you paint.

Step 2: SMOOTH

  • Lightly sand the walls 
  • Fill in any imperfection you can see from 5 feet away in normal lighting
  • Sand all your repairs for a smooth finish.
  • Finally, vacuum up any dust and debris.


  • Cover floors and any furniture in the room with drop cloths.

Don’t forget to use FrogTape® on any areas you don’t want to paint, like baseboards, trims, windows or doorframes. More tips before you start to paint? Add a coat of primer so your old paint doesn’t show through and makes it possible to finish the job in just one coat of paint.