Geometric Wall Mural

Sara Davis

Sara Davis took inspiration from the 2023 Design Trend "Midtown Modern" to refresh her home with a unique accent wall.

Sara, from Sincerely, Sara D., painted the base coat in a high-gloss finish and created a design using FrogTape®. After painting over the wall with matte finish paint and removing the tape, Sara was left with a unique and gorgeous accent wall.

Supplies Needed

Geometric Wall Mural

Getting Started

Firstly, paint the entire wall with a high-gloss finish paint and plan your design. Sara recommends finding an image online and beginning with a grid pattern to create the geometric design. To create the grid pattern, Sara used 0.94-inch tape for the lines and used 1.88-inch tape* for the spaces. Begin at the center of the wall – use a level to make sure that the first line is straight. Continue to proceed down across the wall.

Frog Tape step1

Creating the Pattern

Once the wall is a large grid, begin to work on the details. Using the printout found online, Sara drew out the pattern in sections.

Frog Tape step5

Now that the pattern is drawn out, take the Exacto Knife and cut away what isn’t needed. Be careful not to press too hard – you need just enough pressure to cut the tape and not damage the wall. Next, create the diamond pattern using fresh tape and cut it with scissors. When the pattern is complete, make sure the FrogTape® adheres to the wall by going over the entire wall with a dry paint roller.

Frog Tape step7

Wrapping Up

Finally, add a coat of matte finish paint. While the paint is still wet, carefully peel back the FrogTape® and enjoy your new accent wall!

* If the wall was recently painted, (less than a month), use FrogTape® Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape.

Frog Tape step10
Frog Tape HIGHRES 4