Fun and Fearless in 2020: The Home Design Trend that Brings Out the Best You

25% of Americans say incorporating the newest décor trends is their number one reason for updating a space.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “live your best life” before. It’s something we all strive for – to be true to oneself and embrace what makes you happy. But what about your home, is it living up to its décor potential? If you’re looking to bring your living spaces to life, celebrity interior designer Taniya Nayak is here to help with a new design trend that will bring out the best in you and your home – Fun & Fearless.

Nayak teams up with FrogTape® brand painter’s tape annually to create the top interior design trends for the year. In 2020, she predicts that many consumers will lean into their childlike instincts and incorporate bright, joyful colors into their homes. Below are a few tips from Nayak on how to stay true to your personality while infusing this laugh-out-loud style in your space.

How to Incorporate Fun & Fearless:

Bright colors brought out the smiles when you were a kid, and they can have the same impact as an adult when used in a surprising and tasteful manner.

  • Where to start? If your wardrobe is full of playful prints and shades of pink, yellow or blue then this trend is for you. Before you do anything, however, it’s best to establish your color palette and be thoughtful in your use of big, bold hues. Take a cue from the clothes in your closet or match colors from your favorite patterned rug or pillow. Then go to the color wall to pick harmonious shades by selecting two hues that are opposite each other, three colors that form an equal triangle or any four pigments that create a square. Nayak recommends Sherwin-William’s Rock Candy, Aquarium, Gambol Gold or Eros Pink.
  • Embrace a blank canvas: White walls will make your objects shine bright and enhance your color palette. Embrace a blank canvas and paint personality into your home with a vibrant accent wall balanced with crisp white trim. When painting walls and trim, Nayak recommends using her go-to tool, FrogTape® brand painter’s tape. This premium painter’s tape makes it easy to achieve the sharpest paint lines possible and get professional looking results.
  • Utilize Patterns: Instead of worrying about whether your art matches your furniture, think about what makes you smile and don’t take yourself or your designs too seriously. Tie dye, stripes and color-block prints bring this trend to life. Incorporate patterned throw pillows, rugs, or a pop of accent furniture, like this colorful dresser, to let your personality shine. Think bold, think fun and think fearless when choosing your patterns.

“A Fun & Fearless you goes hand in hand with your home. Showcase your youthful, high-energy sprit through the vibrant colors you love. The best part is, it doesn’t all have to match, all that matters is that you project yourself into the vibe of the room,” noted Nayak.

*According to a 2019 FrogTape survey conducted in partnership with independent research firm Suvata