DIY Painted Chess Set


Haneen from Haneen's Haven created this fun DIY chess set to showcase the 2021 Design Trend, Live Well. Whether it's family game night or a quiet afternoon alone, this painted chess set is the perfect reminder of the activities that enhance our lives and make us whole.


To get started, Haneen lightly sanded the surface of the chessboard to help the paint adhere. Next, she painted the chess pieces, incorporating colors from the “Live Well” design trend.

Unpainted chess pieces next to blue paint

Haneen then got to work painting the chessboard. She taped off the border using FrogTape® and then alternated taping off and painting the different colored squares.


Tip: It’s important to peel away the tape before the paint has dried to ensure a smooth pull-away. Just be sure to let your chessboard fully dry before putting tape on top of the first set of squares that you’ve painted and moving on to the next.


Wrapping Up

Finally, seal it for added protection, then find a cozy spot to enjoy!

Want to see the full post? Visit Haneen's Haven for all the project details.

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