Diagonal Painted Wall Design

Freshen up your room with FrogTape® Painter's Tape

Needed Materials

Follow Along To Do the Project

  • I attached string to the upper most corner of the wall with a thumbtack. Then did the same on the opposite bottom corner of the room.

  • I used the string as a guide for placing my FrogTape® Multi-Surface.

  • I used my thumbnail to burnish the edge of the tape that would meet the paint.

  • Remove the thumbtacks and string. Most nail holes are only on the upper part of the walls, so this works well with getting a fresh new look but painting the entire room. I painted before sunrise…so pardon the shadowy photography.

  • Then I painted the upper halves of the walls. Two coats.

  • While the second coat was still wet, I removed the FrogTape by pulling it away from the paint and allowed the paint to dry before re-decorating.

  • I repeated the same steps on the opposite wall. And now the room is a little lighter, fun and fresh.