Custom Nursery Bookshelves


Christin, from the Homier Home, used the 2022 Design Trend "Embrace" to add extra coziness to the reading corner of her nursery with floating bookshelves and a warm, chevron pattern.

Supplies Needed

Floated bookshelves painted with a chevron pattern.

Step 1

Gather all of your materials so you are ready to go. To keep things simple, Christin ordered shelves that were already stained. And, these are the accent colors she chose:

Two rolls of Frog Tape with four cans of paint, pieces of wood and paint swatches.

Step 2

Next, tape off your pattern using FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter's Tape. The dresser and the crib for this nursery have a chevron pattern, so Christin decided on a variation of that.

Tip: Stack the shelves together as if they are one unit to tape off the pattern. Then use scissors to separate the pattern and fold it down.

Frog Tape Delicate Painter's Tape outlining a chevron pattern

Step 3

Now it's time to lightly sand the area you’ll paint — a 120 grit sanding block works great to smooth out any uneven areas.

Step 4

The last step before painting is to seal off and tape the sides of the shelves. This way, you will only paint the section you want. Christin uses a plastic card to smooth out all the tape and ensure a secure seal.

Frog Tape Delicate Painter's tape outlining the bottoms of a floating shelf

Step 5

You're ready to paint! It took Christin a few light coats of paint to get the desired shade.

White paint being applied to wooden floating shelves

Wrapping Up

Finally, while the paint is still wet, remove the tape to reveal your custom design.

Frog Tape's Delicate painter's tape being removed from floating wooden shelf

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