Baseboard Trim Tip

Re-installing and finishing baseboard trim is easy with the help of FrogTape® Multi-Surface.

Needed Materials

Follow Along To Do the Project

  • FrogTape Mult-Surface tape applied to the wall ensures a nice straight line without caulk smears. Apply the tape horizontally above the baseboard onto the wall. Use your thumbnail or a credit card to activate the PaintBlock® Technology.

  • Cut the tip of the caulk tube at an angle. I prefer to keep the cut on the small side for easier control. Holding the caulk gun at an angle so that the flat end of the cut hole faces the seam where the baseboard meets the wall, run a bead of caulk.

  • I fill my FrogTape container with a little bit of water. With a wet finger, smooth the caulk. I work from left to right and since this is a small space, I worked in an entire section (about 4-5 ft. at most). You’ll have a lot of excess (have the paper towels handy).

  • Immediately (before caulk dries) peel away the FrogTape starting at a bottom edge and pulling up and away from the caulk.

  • Nice clean line! Repeat until all top baseboard seams are sealed. Now repeat the caulking steps (without the tape) where the shoe moulding rests agains the baseboards. Once caulk is dry (about 30 minutes), it’s time to paint! I used FrogTape where the shoe moulding meets the floor to prevent getting paint on my nice new grouted vinyl tiles. Using my thumbnail, I again activated the Paintblock Technology, then painted my trim.

  • After the second coat of paint, I removed the FrogTape while the paint was still wet.