2018 Painting & Interior Design Trends | FrogTape


Create the perfect “at home paradise” by blending tropical elements, plush greens and shiny pops of metallic with a neutral backdrop for a “sophisticated” meets “exuberant” vibe. If your design could speak – it would say “How you doin’???”

  • Color: Bold greens, crisp white, paired with metallic gold.
  • Patterns: Tropical, floral, palms.
  • Vibe: Fun, vibrant, exotic, escape, retreat, spa.
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Simple to the Max

Hey! Go big or go home….in the simplest way imaginable. Appreciate the combination of bold patterns with understated color to truly embrace the form and the design. While this trend is monochromatic in nature, it leaves nothing to the imagination! Allow yourself to let loose and get wild with pattern. Layer multiple patterns with one another and enjoy the clean, uncluttered chaos of it all.

  • Colors: Ivory, black, white, gray.
  • Patterns: Effortless, clean lines; but don’t be afraid of a big bold pattern, too!
  • Vibe: Bold statement, simply done.
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Faux Natural

Enhanced natural beauty, textural elements paired with graphic vibrant imagery. We are seeing a major trend where rustic, untreated walls are paired with vibrant neon tones. Find the magic in introducing an unnatural looking element into a very neutral and natural setting.

  • Colors: Earthy tones, browns, beiges, deep blues, paired with neon tones (think Northern Lights - neon green, neon purple, neon fuchsia, neon blue).
  • Patterns: Subtle patterns created by nature’s natural textures.
  • Vibe: Awe-inspiring, a “forever” memory moment, eclipse.
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Back to the Future

This trend has that cool, seamless pairing of retro and modern. What’s old is now new – and better than ever before! This goes beyond having fun with just the colors, where we introduce the pales with the pops, but we take it a step further where we take classic, vintage pieces of furniture and pair them with modern, futuristic patterns and a shiny glossy finish. Unique and one of a kind!

  • Colors: Historical tones, paired alongside bold, modern, bright pops of color; but in a matte finish (light wood or brass paired with SW color of the year Oceanside, navy, yellow, fuchsia).
  • Patterns: Futuristic, modern patterns paired with vibrant, matte, pops of color.
  • Vibe: Unexpected but beautiful, adventurous yet calming.
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Made With Love

This is a livable and lovable design that is hand-crafted, handmade and imperfectly perfect. This is the true essence of DIY. Creating warm and cozy spaces that are customized and made just for you! Introduce a nubby woven blanket, crocheted/macramé wall hanging, ivory plates on a lavender accent wall. These small, personal touches transform just any room to “your” room. 

  • Colors: Lavender, ivory, fuchsia, teal, black.
  • Patterns: Knitted, crocheted, lace, embroidered.
  • Vibe: Casual, lived in, comfortable, crafty.
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New England Preppy

Preppy meets sexy - New England style. I think I have this look down, being a true New Englander myself. This trend pairs white linen with navy and cool blues, but what gives it the authentic New England vibe is an accent of camel color leather. 

  • Colors: Crisp white linen, deep navy and cool blues, beige, camel color leather.
  • Patterns: Classics patterns such as stripes, plaid and gingham.
  • Vibe: Afternoon outdoor chillin, classic, sophisticated, and fresh.
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